30 Maggio 2024


Una divertente sezione per rappresentare azioni di gioco in modalità video-animata. Le miniature prendono vita in esilaranti highlights
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[immagine di anteprima del video: Fiorentina-Juventus 4-2 - 20 ottobre 2013]
Video della vittoria della viola.....a casa mia....nella Subbuteo League!
by DragoFilm
[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo does The Big Match]
A subbuteo rendition of the opening titles to ITV's The Big Match football highlights show.
[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo 1982 World Cup Final Marco Tardelli]
Recreated in Subbuteo.

Part of the 1982 World Cup Final between Italy and West Germany. The game is fondly remembered for Italian Marco Tardelli's goal to make it 2-0 and even more so for his incredibly emotional celebration. Italy went on to defeat West Germany 3-1 and lift the trophy. Although the tournament was held in Spain, with the final taking place in Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, it felt fitting to use a famously Italian song to accompany the video.
* 1980's lightweight Italy team
* 1970's / 80's 'zombie' West Germany Team
* Adidas Tango match ball
* Pegasus Astroturf
* Pegasus European goals
* Zeugo grandstands
* Zeugo referee and bench sets
* Vintage Subbuteo terracing
* Vintage Subbuteo fence surround
* Vintage Subbuteo scoreboard
* Vintage Subbuteo media figures
* Scratch built TV towers

[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Online]
My wife is a Liverpool fan so I made this for Valentine's Day
[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Table Cricket - England vs Australia]
Vintage Subbuteo Table Cricket match between England & Australia with Mivietone commentary

[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Table Rugby - Ireland vs New Zealand All Blacks]
Subbuteo Table Rugby game between Ireland and the all blacks with Movietone commentary

[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Table Football - World Cup Final 1970 Italy vs Brazil]
Recreation in Subbuteo Table Football (soccer) of Carlos Alberto of Brazil’s superb goal against Italy in the 1970 FIFA World Cup final.
Commentary from Kenneth Wolstenholme

[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Animation Red VS Blue]
You've seen the trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoP7s...​) and now the final film is out: Red VS Blue the stop motion subbuteo animation made on ipad using imotion HD and edited on imovie and windows movie maker. Please SUBSCRIBE now and I have more stop motions on my channel: hdw1998. Or follow me on Twitter: @harveyw98
[immagine di anteprima del video: 4 Great Goals- Subbuteo Reanactment]
A stop motion video, Reanacting 4 famous goals in a Subbuteo style.. Containing Steven Gerrard vs Olympiakos, Aguero vs QPR and the famous controversial goal in the 1966 World Cup final.

[immagine di anteprima del video: Subbuteo Animation (the trailer)]
Film is out now follow this link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqRu-...​
Coming soon to youtube!!!!
Subbuteo stop motion animation. SUBSCRIBE NOW to know when it comes out!

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