19 Aprile 2024

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[immagine di anteprima del video: League Cup - Last 16 - Burnley Vs West Ham -]
This is the start of the league cup -Carabao Cup -
I start the League cup on the last 16 teams that are entered in the Real league cup . and i do my own last 16 teams draw which the draw video will be up next after this video. the live game that was rolled for this round of the cup is - Burnley Vs West Ham - the winners will face Manchester City at home in the quarter-finals.
[immagine di anteprima del video: PART 1 - 1968 Advanced Rules - Goalkeepers & defenders -]
1968 Advanced Rules is the rules i play in all my games 2 x player and solo
on this video i start with goalkeepers & defenders .
i find this is the best to play this game. i also throw in some house rules in as well to even advance my game even more . if house rules make your game more enjoyable put them in play .

[immagine di anteprima del video: Week 2 - Solo Premier League - Wolves Vs Manchester United -...]
This video is week 2 of my solo premier league this week we have the game Wolves take on Manchester united in week one wolves got beat so they need a result here at home and Manchester united getting a point in there first game at Brighton drawing 3-3

[immagine di anteprima del video: ISSL.Conference Group G--- S.S LAZIO Vs MUHON BAGAN---]
This is the opening game in the ISSL. Conference Group G for my A Team S.S LAZIO
Playing the team from india -Mouhun Bagan-.
[immagine di anteprima del video: THE BIG MATCH DAY PREPARATION ( SUBBUTEO )]
This Video is about what needs to be done before every match day kick off in my game of Subbuteo . before a solo or 2xplayer match .

[immagine di anteprima del video: FLICK2WIN CHANNEL INTRODUCTION]
quick video showing were FLICK2WIN play and video the subbuteo matches and other videos in the man cave & a little about me being a gamer and show my little subbuteo collection .

[immagine di anteprima del video: SOLO COMMUNITY SHIELD FINAL - LIVERPOOL Vs ARSENAL]
this video is the start of my Subbuteo solo league .
this is the first half . i play the 1968 advanced rules .
i play this game slower just to remind how the rules play out .

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