28 Febbraio 2024

Subbuteo Money Box | Paladone

Whether you're raising funds for kits, tickets, footballs or pitch hire, saving the pennies is easier than ever to manage with this iconic Subbuteo player money box. A beautifully designed silver statuette of a true footballing legend, this is one statue football fans of all clubs can unite behind. The classic Subbuteo footballer from the legendary table top game is a great centrepiece of any footie addict's room, and the traditional weight base acts as the perfect place for your loose change to be safely stored away from temptation. So whatever it is your saving for, invest in a superstar player of the highest quality and you're sure to be celebrating victory before you know it. Subbuteo, (literally meaning 'hobby' in Latin) is the quintessential table football game, played by millions of football obsessives world wide. First created by Peter Adolph in the 1940s, the game took the world by storm as countless players recreated their favourite footballing moments and became their icons through the tiny plastic figures. Initially a children's favourite, the game soon grew in popularity and became beloved by football fans of all ages. The Subbuteo Money Box is a classic gift for any football fan, and an officially licensed Subbuteo product.

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